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St Lucia – yeaaah maan! No pressure, no problem

St Lucia's cricket ground
St Lucia's cricket ground

Just got back from the Island of St Lucia, what a brilliant place. We stayed at the Sandals Halcyon in the North of the Island. Everything they had to offer we tried: windsurfing, water skiing (crap at that!), scuba diving – 109 dives now, tennis, shuffleboard, eating, cocktails, patois etc. We also went to the semi-final of the world cup, even though they had lost my tickets. The ground is really beautiful, makes me want to perhaps start playing again.

Oh well, now back to the drag of work at the British Museum. A couple of weeks till we launch a revamped CCI and try out the mashed up features that I’ve built around Google and phpclasses. Could be interesting.

Rugby season begins (for me at least…)

Hampstead took on Bank of England at their palatial HQ on Saturday, and with a rather makeshift pack we managed to win 22 – 17 courtesy of a last minute converted try. I’m suffering today as we were under alot of pressure at scrums, regularly retreating several metres. We did however manage 5 against the head, mainly due to ponderous hooking by my opposite number.I hadn’t planned to play much this year, but the team was desperate so I played.

A couple of seasons ago, Bank were quite a force. I guess either visas ran out or they have all decamped to London South Africa, totseins. Nice to finally beat them at their place.

Reading the paper today, Bath and Northampton seemed to have been winding each other up. Or at least that’s what a crowd member alleged. Neither side seemed to hear the racial abuse, mystifying…. Harks back to the supposed racial abuse of Epi Taione of Newcastle a couple of seasons ago. We’ll have to wait and see what happens there. I have a feeling not much will come of it.

I was going to venture to the not so delightful wilds of Watford to watch Saracen’s give a debut to Andy Farrell; decided not to as tickets are extortionate. They thumped Newcastle, so I didn’t miss much.

No rugby next weekend….