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Madrid – The Perez Wedding

Carolina and Adam
Kate and her fan

Last weekend, we went to Carolina Perez’s wedding to Adam Furgal. It was only the second time that Kate and I had been to Spain and we found Madrid to be far more enjoyable than Barcelona. Apart from the wedding, we also went to two fantastic exhibitions and a couple of art museums (not so great :))We stayed in a modernist hotel called Room Mate Laura, which had carpet on the bedroom walls and large Post medieval images behind the bedsteads!

If you get the chance to go to Madrid, I really recommend going to the Submerged Treasures of Egypt exhibition at the Slaughter House (some amazing artefacts from Canopus, Alexandria and Heracleion) and also to the National Museum of Archaeiology ( a very simple, yet powerful display of Spanish and Central American archaeology.)

The Egyptian exhibition made really great use of technology to put the artefacts into context with both their past and their discovery context and also demonstrated how Maritime Archaeology works (I miss that part of my life!) The artefacts on display varied from Monumental architectural fragments, a couple of Sphinxes, lots of Pharonic statues down to everyday objects. I think that many national Museums could learn from their approach to displaying the story of the Delta cities through innovative labelling and ICT use. The venue that the exhibition is within is also quite interesting due to the graffiti on the walls and its immense size!